OjasPower 777 - 1Kg (100 % Natural Animal Feed Supplement)

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OjasPower 777 is a Plant-based cattle milk booster that increases the yield and quality of milk. It boosts immunity and improves animal health There are no side effects Results are visible within a week OjasPower 777 multiple benefits extend from improved digestion to shine on skin etc. How it works Improves Feed Efficiency. Improves Flock and production uniformity. Improves litter quality. Improves dietary content. Enhance milk production in early lactating animals. Fulfills the nutrients requirement of the body for better milk production & weight gain Contents- Ipomea Mauritiana - 15% Asparagus Racemosus - 15% Citrus Aurantifolia - 15% Withania Somnifera -12% Leptadaenia Reticulate - 10% Other Herbal Extract Q.S. - 33%

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