Investor Relations
Why Invest in Ojasattvic Sciences

Why Invest in Ojasattvic?

We believe Ojasattvic is a highly attractive long-term investment.

We are an integrated crop & animal nutrition company, with a clear focus on Economic Organic Solutions. Our knowledge, product and solutions aid in the growth of our most important customer- The Farmer, thus helping us as a business to be profitable, responsibly. All this while securing the earth's resources and protecting the environment.

How do you Gain?

OSPL is uniquely placed to Create sustainable solutions in the agricultural business. Creating products which generate higher yields and lower environmental impact. We are confident of being an industry leader in our field. Our product solutions directly help our investor to be part of a CO2 Neutral Growth strategy, to create value for the society thereby contributing to sustainable development.

Continuous improvement

OSPL has embarked on an ambitious improvement program which will deliver more than 25 million dollars (200 cr) of EBITDA improvement by 2025 compared with 2020. Our conscious efforts lie in the expansion of niche product segment and will involve next generation Organic Immunity boosters for Animals and Humans.

Growth and expansion

We are collaborating with partners in Africa and Latin America, the next big drivers of the global agribusiness .