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Soil Conditioner By Ojassattvic

SFI Soil Conditioner

SFI soil conditioner is based on soil biodiversity, sun energy and ancient agricultural soil conditioning techniques like use of jaggery, high bacterial count & diverse microbes. It improves physical, biological and chemical properties of soil in very short time.

The Indian Institute of Toxicology conducted tests on SFI soil conditioner and reached a conclusive finding that it is NON-TOXIC.

With this certification, SFI soil conditioner can be confidently used in various agricultural applications. Farmers can now benefit from its positive effects on soil without concerns about harmful effects.

How to use:

  1. 1 liter of SFI soil conditioner is to be poured in 200 liters clean drum/barrel/tank.
  2. 10/20kg jaggery/syrup is to be added to it. Fill the drum with water.
  3. Cover and keep it for 5 days.
  4. The solution is ready and it should be used for 1 acre land only during flood/drip irrigation.
  5. During application of SFI soil conditioner, more water is required than regular.
  6. 10 ml solution per liter of water should be used for spraying.